1.     One Minute Speech- on My Self / Home Work / My Friend etc.              
2.     Dictation                                
3.     Hand Writing etc.
4.     Comprehension Check                        
5.     Construction of a Story                     
6.     Narration                        
7.     Notice Writing (Lost&Found)
8.     Diary Entry                     
9.     Paragraph on   a National- Festival ,
10. Recitation
11. Bio Sketch of a Scientist / Writer / Sports Personality / National Hero etc.
12. Letter Writing ( Formal) etc.                                                                            
13. Editing etc.                                         
14. Arranging Jumbled words                             
15. Dramatisation etc.
16. Extempore on simple topics suggested by the students.
17. Reading Comprehension (CIEFL Reading Cards / News Paper / an Unseen Passage etc.)                                         
18. Paragraph on My Favourite Animal / Desert / Place . etc.                                                                                   
19. Paragraph on Importance of Trees
20. Declamation                         
21. Book Review               
1.     Comprehension Check                         
2.     Bio Sketch of a Scientist / Writer / Sports Personality / National Hero etc.
3.     Letter Writing ( Formal) etc.     
4.     Speech on My School                        
5.     Narration                        
6.     Paragraph on 'Aim of My Life'                                           
7.     Arranging Jumbled words                              
8.      Dramatisation etc.
9.     Extempore on simple topics suggested by the students.
10. Editing                                                 
a.     Comprehension check
b.    Quiz ( Ants )
c.     Recitation 
d.    Diary Entry
e.     Narration          
f.     Informal Letter
g.    Anecdote (looking after an animal or needy without elder’s knowledge.   
h.     Dramatization
i.      Spellings
1.     Comic Creation Understanding
1.     Comprehension check
2.     Outline story construction The Woodcutter& the Axe
3.     Recitation        
4.     Reading Paragraph/Slogan writing on Trees
5.     Speech on Freedom is Life       
6.     Project on Sherlock Holmes
7.     Paragraph Writing on Wonders of Science
8.     Discuss –Shoot animals with a Camera-,not a gun.       
9.     Fire Safety Measures Speech
10. Article Writing –SAVE TIGERS  
11. Bio sketch of a favourite cricketer
12. Findings about Planet Mars.( Mini Project)
13. Cricket quiz      
CLASS-VIII     - English
1.     Comprehension check
2.     Debate: Wars are a good way to end conflicts”
3.     Dialogue construction
4.     Diary entry
5.     Story construction
6.     Informal letter
7.     PROJECT:
There is an imminent threat of floods due to heavy rains. Collect information on the precautions to be taken and the rehabilitation measures for the flood affected.
1.     Learn and sing the patriotic song sung by Lata Mangeshkar
2.     Quiz
3.     Comic creation
4.     Picture reading
5.     Speech(Child Labour)
6.     Article writing( A friend in need is a friend indeed)
7.     Diary Entry
8.     E-mail
 Term-2 (October-March)
1.     Comprehension check
2.     Dictation
3.     Paragraph writing on ‘A visit to a hill or any beautiful place.
4.     Dramatization
5.     Profile writing on any mountaineer
6.     Group Discussion ‘How will you convince your elders to allow you to keep pets at home?’
7.     Build up a conversation between the duck and the kangaroo
8.     Extempore
9.     Book Review
10. Diary Entry
11. Role Play
12. Class Discussion (How Science has been Useful to us)
13. Debate on any contemporary issue
14. Narration
Class VI
1.     Number System Game
2.     Oral Tests
3.     Assessment of Home work
Class VIII
1.     Angle Sum property – for triangles, Quadrilateral (any type), for pentagonal, for hexagonal
2.     Representation of Rational Numbers on Number Line
Class IX
1.     Project – Great Mathematics
2.     To make square root spiral
3.     Assessment of Home Work
Class X
1.     Project – The Decimal System in Harappa Period
2.     Project – Mathematical Activity in Vedic period
3.     To find conditions for consistency and inconsistency of linear equations
4.      Assessment of Home work
Class IX
1.     Make a list of economic & non-economic activities being done in your neighborhood
2.     Who is superior? Human being or Physical Capital (Like Computer)? Students will discuss in class by real life example.
Class X
1.     Debate on Uses of money
2.     Factors leading to consumer awareness
3.     Inviting developmental goals of students for different groups in the society.
For Second PT
1.     Assignment: note books, holiday homework, practical file, activity copy.
2.     Project:
(i)             Flash cards each student will prepare one flash card with one question and answer and two representatives of each class will conduct quiz from these flash cards in the intra class and then inter class.
(ii)             CD on transportation & excretion (BIO)
Questionnaire of lesson 1& 2(Chemistry)
CD on Chapter electricity  & Sources of Energy (Physics)
(iii)           Scrap file: on the topics related to science collect news from newspaper, magazines.
(i)             To prepare slides of stomata.
(ii)            To show that light is necessary for photosynthesis
(iii)           To show that co2 is given out during respiration.
(iv)          To study dependence of V and I determine its resistance.
(v)           To determine equivalent resistance in series
(vi)          To determine equivalent resistance in parallel.
(vii)         To find PH of different samples using PH paper.
(viii)        Types of reactions
(ix)          Properties of acid, bases and salts.
(x)           Corrosion & Reactivity series.
PT-2 Class IX
1.     PREPARATION OF solution (salt or sugar)
2.     Separation by identification of element, compound and mixture.
3.     Separation of sand, salt & NH4CL.
4.     Melting point and freezing point of ice.
5.     Test presence of starch in given food sample. Test of adulteration in dal
6.     Preparation of slides of onion peel & human cheek cells.
7.     Identification of parenchyma & sclerenchyma tissues by prepared slide.
8.     Prepared slide of muscles.
9.     Study of third law of motion by spring balance.
(i)             To determine focal length of concave mirror of distant object.
(ii)            To form images of objects by convex lens
(iii)           To trace path of light rays through glass slab.
(iv)          To trace path of light through prism
(v)           To study saponification reaction of soap.
(vi)          To study benary fission and budding of yeast through slide.
(vii)         To study homologous and analogous organ through chart.
(viii)        Study of dicot & monocot seed.
(i)             Verification of laws of reflection of sound.
(ii)            To determine density of solid.
(iii)           To establish relationship between loss of weight of solid with weight of water displaced by it.
(iv)          To observe and compare pressure exerted by solid iron cuboid on fire sand/wheat floor.
(v)           To determine velocity of a pulse.
(vi)          To verify law of conservation of mass in a chemical reaction.
(vii)         To study characteristics of spirogyra , Aquarius moss ,pines &angiosperm plant.
(viii)        Observe and draw earthworm, cockroach, fish &  birds.
(ix)          To study life cycle of mosquitoes.
(x)           Oral test- (i) class response
                 (ii) MCQ –Based on the practical activities.
Quiz- written & oral on flash card prepared related to the lesson covered by that time.