1.       Library maintains a well-rounded core collection including

·         reference material

·         text books(from 1to XII)

·         encyclopaedias (general & subjective both)

·         Dictionary(subjective & general both)

·         Maps

·         Atlas etc

·         Fiction or Nonfiction books

·         Story books(both in Hindi & English)

2.       As per KVS instructions more than 60 % books are available in Hindi.

3.       In this session 2012-13 purchasing of books

Total amount -Rs 20923

Purchasing on Hindi Books-Rs 12217

Purchasing on English Books-Rs 8706

4.       Library Committee meeting held every month. There are 9 members in Library Committee two PGT’s two TGT’s One H.M, Two students, Principal as a chair person & Librarian as a secretary. We all discuss about library requirements.

5.       Subject reference books issue to students from July onwards.

6.       Newly purchased books kept in a separate almirah for one month.

7.       Issuing of books

To students- 2 books issue for a week.

To teachers – 5 books for 15 days.

Text Session –for whole session

8.       In case of lost of books, student/teacher paid three times of actual cost & I submitted that amount with lost Application in the office and receipt attach in stock register.

9.       Old magazines issued to students on cards and teacher to their issuing register.

10.   There is a comfortable seating arrangement with proper lighting in the library.

11.   Class library is also maintained – books issued to primary teacher according to their class strength.

12.   Library activities are done in library using magazines, encyclopaedias and books.

13.   Automation of Library is in process ‘E-Granthalaya’ software is used. 3700 books have been entered in the software.

14.   Books are arranged in lockable shelves but open access system is followed.

15.   Library subscribes 32 magazines for library & primary library.

16.   There are corners in the library-

(i)                career & guidance

(ii)              science corner

(iii)            display board(activities of students library date /statics)

17. Weeding out of books- In this session 500 books have been weeded out from library.